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The Carvery Sandwich Shop

The Carvery Sandwich Shop

A couple of weeks ago, the Carvery Sandwich Shop catered a BBQ at my sons' school. After trying the pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, I had to make a visit to their shop. They are located in an industrial area and are easy to miss. In fact, I completely passed it when I tried to find it for the first time!  There was limited parking and I almost gave up and left. So happy I didn't!


I got there at 11:20am, just 20 minutes after they opened and they were already quite busy (definitely a good sign). I decided to order their feature of the day - HOG HEAVEN. A ciabatta sandwich with porchetta, bacon, ham, tomato, greens, grainy mustard and a garlic aioli. SO GOOD! Look at all that meat! You have the option to add a soup or salad for another $3 which I did. I choose the Zuppa Tocana which was hearty and really tasty.


After telling my Hubby about my experience, he wanted to try so we went back the following weekend. The sandwich he chose was the Porchetta which is only available on the weekends.


The Porchetta was pretty good too.  Check out the slabs of crackling on the side.


For my sandwich I couldn't decide between the Cubano and Beef Brisket and in the end ordered the Cubano.


The owner was kind enough to give us a taste of the beef brisket....and it was amazing!! It was so tender. You don't need to chew the beef because it just melts in your mouth. Apparently it's slow cooked for 16 hrs which is why this is only offered on the weekends. My Cubano sandwich was good but after sampling the beef brisket I wish I had ordered that instead!


The Carvery Sandwich Shop offers 10+ sandwiches/paninis' in addition to their two daily feature sandwiches.  Soups and chowders are made daily with 3 or 4 options in rotation to pick from. This place is definitely worth checking out!


The Carvery Sandwich Shop https://www.instagram.com/thecarverysandwichshop/http://www.thecarverysandwichshop.com/ Unit 102, 2430 King George Blvd., South Surrey, BC (778) 294-6222 Monday - Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm



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