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Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé


One of my main goals as a food lover coming to Paris was to visit what I call the "Big Three" of macarons, Ladurée, Fauchon (post coming soon) and of course, Pierre Hermé. Pierre Hermé was actually involved with all three shops, starting out as a pastry chef at Fauchon when he was 24. He learned and created for 11 years at Fauchon until he helped Ladurée's expansion in 1997. Then in 1998, he started his own pastry boutique, Pierre Hermé Paris.

Pierre Hermé is well known for all their amazing macaron flavours, but when I walked in I was amazed at how amazing all their pastries looked. It was seriously like walking into heaven. I mean... aren't these beautiful???  I instantly fell in love!


I wish I could have tried every one!  But enough about pastries.. let's get to the main event! MACARONS!

There were so many amazing looking flavours, but I could only get a box.. at least this time :)


After now trying macarons from all three amazing pastry shops, I can definitely say that Pierre Hermé macarons are my favourite. They are the perfect texture and the flavours are amazing! They aren't cheap, at 7 macaron in a box for 18€ (around $26CAD), but they are sooooooo worth it if you love macarons like I do.

Here's a list of the flavours I bought in the pic below

  • "Arabesque" - Abricot & Pistaches Croustillantes (Apricot & crunchy pistachios)
  • "Mogador" - Chocolat au Laut & Fruit de la Passion (Milk chocolate & passion fruit)
  • "Ispahan" - Rose, Letchi & Framboise (Rose, lychee & strawberry)
  • "Miléna" - Menthe Fraîche & Fruits Rouges (Mint & fresh fruit)
  • "Satine" - Cream Cheese, Compote d'Orange & Fruit de la Passion (Cream cheese, orange compote & passion fruit)
  • "Infiniment Rose" - Rose & Pétales de Rose (Rose & rose petals)
  • "Velouté Infiniment Citron Vert" - Yaourt & Citron Vert (Yogurt & Lime)

A box only fits 7, but I just had to buy one more :)

Infiniment Chocolat Pérou" - Chocolat Pure Origine Pérou, Province de Morropón, Communauté d'Asprobo (Peruvian chocolate)


I was really hoping I could get back to try another box and grab a few more flavours, but with the timing of our trip (and all the other goodies I had to eat) it didn't work out.

Next time for sure! Can't wait to come back to one of my favourite cities in the world and try more of my favourite macarons!

Pierre Hermé http://www.pierreherme.com/72 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris Tel.: 33 1 43 54 47 77 10:00am - 8:00pm



Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots